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Principles of Brain Function

What we seem to know now about the brain includes these core principles:

  • It is THE most complex system known to man, and any model, analogy or metaphor that we use to describe the brain is inadequate beyond measure
  • It is THE most resource intensive organ in your body - it comprises only 2-3% of your mass, yet it consumes 20-25% of your metabolic resources
  • It seems to be a zero-sum economy - the limit on resources means that when the brain focuses on one key function (e.g. remembering that joke), it does so at the cost of other functions (e.g. listening to the conversation)
  • Contains around 86 billion neurons
  • More than 50% of the matter in your brain is fat, where it comprises the key component in the sheath that surrounds nerve fibres, increasing conductivity massively
  • The brain changes, on a second-by-second basis, far more than we ever previously thought


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