Multi Level Marketing, referral or network marketing is somewhat maligned in our world, probably via a combinations of over-zealous friends and urban myths. If you look deeper into the business model, however, you discover that it ends up having some great advantages, and that perhaps you are already a consumer in one of these systems without really knowing it. Arguably, if you receive a reward for referring another to consuming a product or service, and that reward grows as the volume of grows under this first referral, then you are in a referral marketing system.

Seemingly, there are two types of people in such systems: consumers and builders. Some join simply to access 'wholesale' price structures or some other sort of advantage, increasing rewards with incidental and passive referral to friends and family. Others join with an insight into the theoretically unlimited earnings potential, and are primarily focused on building a large network of consumers. No different to a telco, a supermarket chain or insurance brand. In many ways, only the method of contact and the nature of the initial relationship arguably differs.