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Change - the battle between brain and strategy

Ever wondered why change can be so difficult? Many wonderful change models exist, yet all but a few truly consider the brain and neuroscience. This missing element from change management often explains change success stories, as much as the disasters. If you are a change agent (i.e. a teacher, leader, parent, manager...) ignore the brain at your peril!

Doing the Flip - Flipped classrooms that work (and how they could apply elsewhere...)

For those of us in education, the flipped classroom model has been one of those nirvana-like strategies that sounds great, works for savvy teachers, but, well, there is just so much to learn.

In reality, and done well, the flipped model can be both as efficient, in terms of teacher effort, as  it is effective. The model leverages students' preference for video/visual information and the true expertise of a teacher in guiding application and understanding in the classroom.